There are thousands of online stores using Shopify as their eCommerce platform. Shopify offers lots of services. However, there are some things Shopify doesn’t teach you, things you have to figure out yourself.

One of those things you have to figure out yourself is the right themes to use. There are lots of themes on Shopify that you can use. However, the free themes are quite limited, unlike the premium themes. But just because they are limited doesn’t they are useless. Free themes are as good as premium themes.

So in this blog post, we will give you four top free eCommerce Shopify themes.

  1. The Brooklyn theme is one of the most popular themes on Shopify. It is very simple and stylish – it is perfect for stores selling clothing or accessories. The theme focuses on the images to avoid any distractions so that your products are always in the spotlight. The theme has some customizable options like changing colors, fonts, and images. The theme is very easy to install. It also includes a dynamic product grid, an edge-to-edge homepage slideshow, and its unique typography. It also allows you to feature your blog content on your store.
  2. The venture theme is designed for stores with a large number of products in different categories. However, the venture theme is usually used by stores selling sports goods and equipment. The theme allows you to customize its fonts and colors. It also includes a promotional bar and multi-column drop-down menus – which is perfect for showing special offers and coupons.
  3. The narrative theme is very good for stores that offer a very few amount of products. The theme offers a lot of flexibility and detail due to its customizable content sections on its home page. The theme allows you to set a video that any visitor will see as soon as they land on your page. This theme is designed for telling your product or brand story visually using large imagery, animations, and other cool feature. The theme is also very easy to configure and manage.
  4. The supply theme is an Amazon-inspired theme designed for stores with any inventory. The theme provides you with a filtering sidebar to make it very easy for visitors to find the products they want. The theme is very clean and easy to navigate. It also integrates with the App “products reviews” so that your products can be reviewed on your site.